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Lender Information

Your focus is on your small business clients and providing them with the most advantageous financing available. Our focus is to act as an extension of your team and assist you and your small business clients with an attractive product that supports your owner occupied, commercial real estate transactions using the SBA 504 program.



With over 30 years of experience in SBA lending, Louisiana Capital CDC has the expertise needed to make your loan approvals quick and easy. From pre-qualifying to loan application, all the way through loan closing and servicing, we are by your side. Let’s work together to give your small business clients the advantage they deserve.

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How a typical 504 Loan is Structured:

Businesses can obtain up to 90% financing. However, a larger down payment will be required with start-up businesses and projects with single purpose buildings.

Lender Advantages:

For the banker wishing to participate as the 50% first mortgage lender, you get CRA credits; you lend at a lower loan to value ratio; you keep a growing customer happy; you have lower risk because the SBA 504 loan is in second position behind you. The community gets the advantage of keeping or attracting a healthy, growing small business that will be creating jobs and doing other wonderful things in the community.


Private Lender Participation

Minimum 10 year term on real estate; 7 year term on machinery and equipment.

Uses of Proceeds
Sample 504 Loan
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